Test and Tag Asset Register Database

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing provides thorough records of every appliance that we test and tag.

Our qualified test and tag technicians place a test tag and a barcode label on each appliance that we test. The barcode label stays on the appiance for the life of the appliance. The test tag is changed each time the appliance is re-tested.

The barcode label is the unique Asset ID number, and all information about the electrical tests is recorded against that Asset ID.

We record information such as the type of appliance, make and model, its location, the date of testing and tagging, and which technician tested it. This record forms a part of your OHS risk management documentation, that you should keep on file, and have available for safety audits.

This information is all stored electronically in our Test and Tag Database, which is like an electronic logbook. On completion of your job, we send out your Appliance Test Log in a .PDF format file, and as an Excel spreadsheet if you wish. This Asset Register is also useful for your asset management and insurance requirements.

Click here to see a sample Appliance Test Log in .PDF format.

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To learn more about your electrical appliance safety obligations under the amp;S Act, click on 'Why Test and Tag'.

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