On-site RCD Testing service and RCD Tester sales

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing can test both portable and fixed RCDs, which are also known as ELCBs and the Safety Switch.

Our qualified technicians use an RCD Test instrument such as the Wavecom TnT Plus, or the Kyoritsu 5406A to accurately test both the RCD Times, and the RCD Ramp Currents.

The RCD Trip Time is a measurement of how long it takes the RCD to respond when a dangerous situation occurs. The RCD Test Instrument simulates a fault, and records the operating time of the RCD in milliseconds (ms). This test therefore demonstrates how quickly the RCD will respond to a dangerous situation. RCDs generally respond in under 30ms, however up to 40ms is acceptable under certain circumstances.

During the RCD Ramp Current Measurement, the RCD Test Instrument simulates an earth leakage current (which represents a dangerous fault), however this time, the instrument starts the leakage current gradually, and "ramps" the current up over say 15 seconds. The test instrument then records the earth leakage current in milliamperes (mA) at which the RCD trips. This test demonstrates how sensitive the RCD is in detecting a dangerous situation. Generally, RCDs must respond at 30mA or less, although some special RCDs are set to respond at either 10mA or 100mA.

RCDs do fail over time, and therefore the Australian Standards require that RCDs be tested regularly. This includes both regular "Pushbutton Tests" by the user, as well as regular full testing by qualified technicians using calibrated test instruments.

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