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    PAC3760 PLUS Pro-Kit


    Looking to start your own Test and Tag business? With the Test and Tag Pro-Kit from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing, your new test and tag business can be operational in 24 hours.


    Looking to start your own Test and Tag business? With the Test and Tag Pro-Kit from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing, your new test and tag business can be operational in 24 hours.

    The Test and Tag Pro-Kit includes all the equipment you will require to function as a professional Test and Tag technician:


    • Seaward PAC3760 PLUS-II Portable Appliance Tester and RCD Tester
    • FastTag Test and Tag Database Software with barcode scanning and tag printing
    • Isolation Transformer for Testing RCDs
    • USB Laser Barcode Scanner
    • Thermal Transfer Test Tag Printer
    • 500 blank test tag labels
    • Printer Ribbon for approximately 500 tag printsAll you need to supply is a Windows 7 or 8 Notebook PC. FastTag is simple to install and the barcode scanner and test tag printer simply connect to your notebook via USB. The PAT is battery powered, and does not connect to the PC.The Seaward PAC3760PLUS includes RCD trip time testing and connectivity for the 3-Phase Earth Leakage testing adaptor. The PAC3760PLUS has test capability for both 30mA and 10mA RCDs (safety switches).

      The Isolation Transformer is used when testing portable RCDs. (e.g. those found on the orange four-way powerboards commonly used in construction). The isolation transformer prevents tripping any RCDs at the switchboard of the building you are working in (which could potentially cause a hazard, or computer data to be lost.)

      PAC3760 PLUS-II Applications:
      Simple PASS/FAIL testing of both earthed and double insulated appliances and leads in accordance with the AS/NZS 3760:2003 including those with electronic switches.

      PAC3760PLUS-II Tests

    • Earth continuity test
    • Insulation test
    • Earth Leakage Current
    • Polarity test (ext leads + IEC leads)
    • 30mA RCD Trip Times
    • 30mA RCD Trip Times
    • 3-phase earth continuity (with add-on sold separately)
    • 3-phase Insulation Resistance (with add-on sold separately)
    • 3-phase Earth Leakage (with add-on sold separately)

    PAC 3760 PLUS-II Features

    • Powered by 6x AA Batteries – Use Alkaline batteries or Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries
    • Includes mains powercord to be used when runnung leakage tests/li>
    • PASS/FAIL display
    • Measurements displayed on screen
    • Checks appliance is present before testing
    • Easy to use
    • Included accessories with the PAC3760PLUS-II: Earth lead & clip, IEC lead, Mains power lead, carry case, manual, calibration certificate
    • 12 month Manufacturers warranty

    FastTag Test and Tag Database Software:

    This easy-to-use software is stand-alone, and does not need to connect to a PAT. That means you can use it to record the tests you conduct with any PAT, or your megger tester, etc.

    FastTag is purpose-designed test and tag software developed by software development company Advanced User Systems in conjunction with test and tag professionals.
    In the Test and Tag Pro-Kit, the optional Tag-Printing capability is enabled, allowing connection to the TTP-24PLUS Test Tag printer that is included in the kit. Print professional test tags on-site, with your own logo and details.

    FastTag is simple to use and will save you time.

    • Fast Data Entry
    • Provides full test history & audit trail.
    • Auto reminders so you can manage future test requirements.
    • Barcode Scanning facility.
    • Import Wizard for importing data from Microsoft Excel.
    • Built with latest Windows features.
    • Print fast & accurate reports.
    • Prints Compliance Certifcate.
    • Multiple levels of data for unlimited site locations.
    • Colour coding flags items due

    Click here to download your free demo software

    Privacy note: FastTag software purchase requires us to supply basic end user contact details to FastTag’s developers, Advanced User System. This consists of your business name, a contact name, a contact phone number, email address and a postal address. This assists AUS in providing support and advising of software upgrades.


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