Update on Insulated Pins on electrical plugs

The top picture on the right hand side of this page shows the new style of plugs, which have safety insulated or sheathed pins.

The rules have been introduced to prevent situations where either children's fingers or a metal object (eg: steel ruler or part of an aluminium ladder) comes into contact with the pins of a plug which is partially inserted into a live socket.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing recommends that all parents with young children consider having the plugs on their older appliances changed to the new style of plug shown on the right.

We also recommend that people who use power tools near metal ladders have the plugs on their tools and extension leads changed to the new style.

Which devices are affected by the new rules?

All re-wireable plugs and all appliances which have an integral plug will be affected.

The term "Plug" refers to:

An electrical device which:
· makes a detachable connection between the contacts of a socket-outlet and the conductors of a flexible cord;
·has two, three or four pins for insertion into a socket-outlet; and
·has a maximum rating of 20 A;
(There are some exclusions for particular industrial equipment)

Click here for the amended requirements document from the Department of Fair Trading NSW.

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