Data and Telecommunications Cabling Services

SEAT also provides data and communcations cabling services for commerical and domestic applications.

SEAT's team includes several Austel Approved Electricians, also known as ACMA Registered Cablers. SEAT holds a Master Cabler Licence, A028929 and is fully endorsed to provide telephone, Category 5e, Category 6, and intercom wiring services.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require ADSL / DSL customers to use an Austel / ACMA approved electrician to install or troubleshoot phone and data wiring related to the DSL connection inside the customer's premises. This includes the installation of the ADSL central splitter/filter, and associated cabling after the network boundary.

SEAT ACMA licensed cablers can install and modify both copper wiring and Optical Fibre systems.

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Data and Communications Cabling Installation
Cat 5e, Cat 6 Structured Cabling Installation and Certification