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    Test and Tag Services Expansion

    S.E.A.T. is expanding

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing is proud to announce an expansion of its Sydney based testing and tagging operations.

    From 1 July 2008, Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing will be operated by Sydney Electrical & Data Pty Ltd, a wholy Australian owned company.

    There are some minor changes to our contact details, and our ABN has changed to 81 131 840 125. Please phone our office for more information.

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing is expanding with more technicians, in more areas, with fast response times and good quality test and tag service.

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing provides services to organisations such as Myer, NSW Police Force, Australian Army, Somerville Group, Canon Australia, Norfolk Foodservices, Krispy Kreme and Wagamama restaurants.

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing specialises in effective, efficient testing and tagging programs and can roll out a program to suit every business and organisation.

    Testing and Tagging teams based throughout Sydney provide thorough inspection and testing for all types of tools, appliances and electrical equipment. SEAT’s clients come from every industry – construction, retail, food and hospitality, manufacturing, electrical contracting, cleaning and educational institutions.

    Electrical contractors and property maintenance companies rely on Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing to provide quality test and tag services for their clients. Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing can provide subcontracting services under your corporate identity and enhance the range of services that your company can provide.

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing also sells a range of good quality electrical test instruments, test tags and fully equipped test kits.

    Nesco, Wavecom and Seaward are just some of the Portable Appliance Testers (PATs) available from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing. Test and tag kits are built to suit the needs and can include equipment for testing 3-phase appliances and RCDs, as well as all the tools of the trade that are used every day by the technicians at SEAT.


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