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    Test and Tag for NSW Construction Sites

    In NSW, the construction industry must comply with the highest standards for electrical testing and tagging.

    On construction sites which are within the scope of NSW Workcover, tools and equipment used for construction must be inspected, tested and tagged for electrical safety once per month. This includes extension cords, powerboards (EPODs) and RCDs (Residual Current Devices, AKA ‘Safety Switch’).

    The hostile operating environment for electrical equipment on construction sites means that tools and plant are likely to suffer mechanical, moisture, chemical or other damage, and that they need to be tested regularly to help promote their continued safe operation.

    As many construction contracting companies are finding out, it saves time and money having their worker’s tools test and tagged before they start on a work site, and every month while they are on the job.

    Contractors whose tools have not been tagged are increasingly being asked to stop work, and to remove their tools from the work site until the tools have been inspected and tested by an independent electrical testing provider such as Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing.

    The reason for this approach is that construction site managers are coming to understand that under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulation, they are responsible for the safety of every worker on the site. It is simply not worth their risk to have untested equipment on site, especially when test and tag is so inexpensive and easily accessible.

    Test and tag specialists Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing are committed to helping construction companies to comply with their obligations under the amp;S Act by providing test and tag to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and providing a free test and tag reminder service, to help companies to ensure all their equipment is kept current.

    The inspection and test results are recorded electronically, and employers are provided with a Test and Tag Log, which forms a part of their risk assessment documentation. The electronic record keeping system can be used as an effective asset management tool for non-electrical assets as well.

    This test and tag procedure and record keeping ensures compliance with AS/NZS 3760, and documents the employer’s commitment to electrical safety in the workplace.

    To learn more about your electrical appliance safety obligations under the amp;S Act, click on ‘Why Test and Tag‘.

    Like to know more about the testing procedure and find out how easy it can be? Click on ‘FAQ‘ for answers.


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