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    Microwave oven leak detection

    Do we need to test it?

    The Australian Government has an established authority on radiation called the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

    ARPANSA has studied microwave ovens and the radiation emissions from them. The have published a report, which is available below in .PDF format:

    ARPANSA concluded that “there is no need for regular testing of emission levels for ovens that appear to be in good working order” because there is “no evidence that emission levels from undamaged ovens could ever create exposure levels that may exceed the ARPANSA SAR limits for a person at 30cm distance”

    Workcover NSW published guidelines for microwave oven safety in “Workcover News” June-August 2002. You can view this in .PDF format by clicking on the link below. (Look at pages 4-5)

    Workcover News June – August 2002

    In line with Workcover NSW’s recommendation, Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing recommends that you regularly check that your microwave oven is clean, free from rust or corrosion and has no signs of damage door, hinges or latches. If your microwave oven has any problems in this regard, you should replace it, or have it repaired immediately.

    Your microwave oven does still need to be tested for electrical safety on a regular basis.

    Sydney Appliance Testing offers mobile electrical testing services for safety checking of microwave ovens and all plug-in appliances.

    Like to know more about the electrical testing procedure?
    Click on ‘FAQ‘ for answers.


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