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    Data, Networking and Communications wiring services from SEAT

    Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing (SEAT) has announced that it has commenced providing data, networking and telecommunications cabling and wiring services.

    As a Licensed Master Cabler, SEAT is able to provide a range of data and phone wiring services for commercial and domestic applications. SEAT licensed cablers are fully endorsed to provide telephone, networking, Category 5e, Category 6, and many other structured cabling systems, tailored to your needs.

    SEAT can provide your total cabling solution, whether its a large-scale computer networking installation, or simply installing a few extra telephone outlets at your home or office.

    SEAT data technicians are licensed cablers are also endorsed to install and modify fibre optic cabling systems. Fibre optic links can be very useful when data transmission over a long distance is required. Fibre optic cable has large bandwidth, and is therefore suitable to carry large amounts of data.

    Most office and warehouse facilities are now being specified with at least two Cat5e or Cat6 data sockets for each workstation. These systems are very flexible, and by using a network cable patch panel, which is often located in the server rack, sockets can quickly be connected, disconnected, or swapped by IT staff. This makes it easy when you need to move staff or workstations around.

    Many SEAT structured cabling systems utilise Cat5e or Cat6 UTP cable. Cat 5e provides suitable bandwidth for high-speed internet. Cat 5e solutions are generally well suited to environments where interference issues exist. For example; Server Rooms often have adjacent telecommunications and electrical systems. Cat 5E cable has good immunity to noise, and cable runs do not normally require any specialised protection or shielding. Cat6 features more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise, and is suited to Gigabit Ethernet.

    SEAT cablers are qualified to test and certify your network cabling installation. Testing and certification can be performed either when we install your new system, or when you would like to know how well your existing cabling can perform.

    An SEAT Cabling Project Manager oversees each installation, and is your contact point throughout scoping, installation, testing and handover.
    Contact Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing today to enquire or to request an estimate on your data and telecommunications cabling needs.

    SEAT also provides data and communcations cabling services for commerical and domestic applications.

    SEAT holds a Master Cabler Licence, T32494 and is fully endorsed to provide telephone, Category 5e, Category 6, and intercom wiring services.

    SEAT licensed cablers can install and modify both copper wiring and Optical Fibre systems.

    Please contact us for a quote on your data wiring needs.

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